Physical Therapy Telehealth Software

Telehealth audio/video built right in. Fully HIPAA compliant. Pairs perfectly with our telehealth specific EMR templates!

Telehealth specific physical therapy EMR/documentation templates

Telehealth and e-visits aren’t the same as in-person visits. You need the right tools to document your remote visits appropriately and accurately. Our telehealth specific Physical Therapy EMR templates will help you do just that.


Telehealth built-in

Seamless built-in telehealth makes it easy to for you to facilitate secure audio/video calls with your patients. Crystal clear calls from your computer, phone, or tablet. No need to use another system. Everything you need in one place!

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Medicare e-visits

If you are seeing Medicare e-visits, you can document these types of visits in MWTherapy to ensure that you have a defensible position when it comes to billing these services to CMS/Medicare.


Telehealth continues to grow

Whether you’re just trying telehealth for the first time or it’s not something you’re ready to try now but want to leave the door open for the future – MWTherapy is right there with you. Be ready both today and tomorrow as healthcare continues to evolve. Check out our blog for more info including this article on implementing telehealth successfully.

Full integration with our EMR

Your telehealth and e-visits can be documented right alongside your regular, in-person visits as well as scanned documents. Keep your entire patient’s chart in one place. This will ensure your billing remains defensible and you are protected by documenting all interactions with the patient.


Full integration with our billing module

Our telehealth EMR templates tie directly in with our billing module. That means MWTherapy is 100% capable and ready to allow you to bill your Telehealth visits to are reimbursing for them and Medicare e-visits, immediately without delay. Help your patients and make sure you are  compensated for the services that you provide.

You can also accurately track telehealth visits that you are offering on a cash-basis!

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