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Web Based Physical Therapy Scheduling Software

Tame your schedule, track patients and meetings, color-code everything, increase productivity, and decrease cancels/no-shows

Visual Calendaring

Get information at a glance. Our scheduling module is designed to be incredibly visual so that just a quick glance at the schedule can give you information about virtually all aspects of the patient visit. It’s not enough to just know who is coming in but also what has happened with every visit.

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Automatic Patient Reminders

Cancellations and no-shows hurt productivity, result in patient fees, and hurt your bottom line. Combat these cancellations and no shows easily and effectively with automated patient reminders by email and text message. It’s all integrated in MWTherapy™ so there’s no additional work, the reminders are sent out automatically!


Calendar view choices galore

Everyone has a different preference on viewing calendars. MWTherapy™ offers lots of different views making it easy to find one that works for everyone in your practice from front-desk staff to therapists. Customizable calendar views make it easy to make the schedule yours.

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Integrated Patient Wait List

Booked solid? MWTherapy™’s integrated patient wait-list makes it easy to track wait-listed patients and to be notified of those patients when a cancellation or no-show is being affected. Don’t get stuck without a patient. Productivity is money.

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