Physical Therapy Practice Management Software

Organize referrals, get a grip on productivity, track compliance, and understand more about your patients to improve profitability

Track your practice’s productivity

What gets measured gets improved. Keep close tabs on your visit loads, no-show and cancellation rates, billing totals, and more. MWTherapy makes it easy to get these numbers on-demand. No waiting, no manual counting, and no delay.

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Get a handle on patient sources

Where are your patients coming from? How are they finding you? There are many paths to your clinic. Before you spend a dime on any marketing, wouldn’t it be nice to know how patients are finding your practice? With our EMR software, it’s as simple as a few clicks to review patient source stats and to better understand your patient population.

Stay in control of compliance

Compliance is an important part of today’s healthcare landscape. As part of our comprehensive compliance toolbox, there are reports that can help you track and measure compliance to make sure your staff are completing necessary tasks in a timely fashion.

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Complete financial reporting & analysis

For practices that bill in-house, our system can’t be beat. Our billing module comes complete with a full suite of financial reporting to help you track receivable, billables, claim status, and more.

KPI (key performance indicator) tracking

Look at KPIs (key performance indicators) at will and compare time periods to see progress over time. You’ll be able to assess the performance and the progress of your practice over time with ease. Plus, give access to certain users to track their own performance so you can make everyone accountable in your practice.

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