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Physical Therapy EMR Documentation Software

Create compliant documentation efficiently, organize your practice, impress insurers and referrers, and go 100% paperless

Customizable physical therapy EMR templates

It’s time for a physical therapy EMR that fits your practice. Don’t get stuck with cookie-cutter EMR templates that fail to meet your needs, preferences, and documentation style. MWTherapy™ features comprehensive EMR software templates designed by physical therapists for physical therapists. All templates are fully customizable—allowing you full control over your documentation. Write great notes promptly.

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Compliance tools

Sometimes it seems that compliance is a moving target. Our Physical Therapy EMR features a suite of comprehensive compliance-friendly features comprised of alerts, notifications, and reporting systems to help you maintain Medicare and other payer compliance standards. These compliance tools are baked into the system and appear constantly and frequently—giving owners confidence that compliance is maintained while giving individual therapists the tools they need to track compliance themselves

Built-in e-fax

Sending notes out is simple and fast—no printing required. Just click the document, select the recipient, and off the fax goes. All faxes include a HIPAA-compliant fax cover sheet as well as contact information for your practice to bolster your professional image.

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Chart organization

Have access to patient notes, profiles, and documents instantly at the front desk, during treatment, and in your billing office. Pulling documents has never been easier with our state-of-the-art physical therapy EMR software. Whether you need to respond to a records request, do chart reviews, or plan out a patient’s future care, you’re always just a few clicks away from the documents you need.

Fast documentation

Believe it or not, EMR doesn’t always mean time savings. Time-tested features that will save you time on your documentation, make documentation flow more smoothly, and allow you to eliminate double entries. Saving time is an attainable goal, but only with the right system.

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Easy to use

Our easy-to-use EMR software is critical to success at your practice. Systems that are too difficult to use, too cumbersome, or too rigid to implement usually result in lost time and money. Our EMR is designed to be easy to use from the ground up. You’re able to quickly gain access to your electronic medical records and flow through your notes without wasting time. You’re also 100% flexible to do things in an order that makes sense to you.

Go completely paperless!

Have boxes of old patient charts lying around? Eliminate the need for any sort of paper chart. You can scan and upload intake paperwork, radiology reports, insurance cards, and more. No more searching around for documents—pull them up instantly within the patient’s electronic chart.

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