Physical Therapy Communication Software

Drive better communication while improving patient care, streamlining operations, and increasing efficiency

Message Staff Securely

Communicate freely while sending secure messages between staff. Communication drives productivity and patient care, and this tool makes it immensely easier to communicate while complying with HIPAA.


Make announcements easily

Use our communication tools to send out messages your clinicians or front-desk staff easily and instantly. No more faxing or passing information by paper. Whether you’re a small practice or a large multi-location practice, keep information flowing and productivity will follow.

30 Minutes to a More Profitable Practice.

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Perfect for multi-location practices

If you have a midsize or large/enterprise practice then you’ll enjoy great value from our communication module. Having a stream of communication between your various locations will ensure smooth and consistent operations. Patients that are treated at multiple locations will be impressed by your coordination.


Better communication = results

When your team is connected, you’ll see better results in a variety of ways. You can coordinate care efficiently among multiple staff leading to better care delivery and outcomes. You can also coordinate operations leading to better billing outcomes for your practice.

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