Physical Therapy Appointment Reminder Software

Reduce and eliminate cancellations and no-shows while giving patients a modern healthcare experience

Built-In reminders make life easy

With our web-based software, you can quickly schedule reminders to patients about their upcoming visits. From there, it’s hands-off—let the system send the reminders for you. Our appointment reminders module is completely built into our scheduling module which means you can manage everything in one place and enjoy full control over reminders.


Reduce cancellations & No-Shows

MWTherapy’s software delivers your reminder by email or text message, as is preferred by the majority of patients today. Give your patients a top-notch patient experience while reducing cancellations and no-shows. Keep your therapists treating and revenues flowing.

30 Minutes to a More Profitable Practice.

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Customizable options

MWTherapy’s takes reminders to new heights with customizable delivery and message options. With customizable options, you can tailor your message and delivery, giving you another avenue to drive patient engagement, retention, and outcomes. You can use reminders as an opportunity to connect with patients and even market additional services.


Fuel a modern patient experience

Patients expectations have changed and reminders are now considered a standard part of the healthcare experience. With MWTherapy, you can offer this service to your patients combined with other powerful MWTherapy features. A state-of-the-art experience is not only for your patients, however. These features will also greatly reduce the administrative burden on your staff.


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