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Why is MWTherapy the best PT Software?

Wondering how we stack up? We offer better value and features than our competitors.

Why do PT practices choose MWTherapy over the other guys?

 The Other Guys
Web/Cloud Based
HIPAA Compliant
Medicare Compliance Tools
16 years in business

Reliability Issues
Focused on PT?
Completely customizable documentation

Hide and show fields, fake customization, or no customization at all
Everything you need in one system

Separate systems, multiple sign-ins, double-entry, sync issues and more. Ugh!
Built-in, ready for insurance, ready for cash

External system leaving to lost and delayed revenue (and time!)
Fair and flexible - works for any practice

Expensive and regular price increases
No Long Term Contract
Stay with MWTherapy because you're happy, not because you have to!

Yearly commitments and worse
Log in and write notes on your first day. Beautiful interface - simple and intuitive

Complicated and annoying. New "features" lead to more wasted time.
We're here to make your life easier. We build and support our product entirely in-house.

Script-readers, hours on the phone on hold, annoying!
Our Mission
To serve you with powerful software making your practice more efficient, profitable, and compliant.

To be acquired for the benefit of investors and owners.

A complete suite of physical therapy software modules under one roof

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5 Stars

With 15+ years in business, we are proud to be loved by clinics across the country.