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Complete Physical Therapy Software Solution

We’ve built in all the key tools that your practice needs. Don't be fooled by "integrated" tools; built-in is better

Built-in is simply better

MWTherapy offers you a unified physical therapy software solution with the tools you need under one-roof. Other vendors offer fake “complete” systems that are really just a collection of separate systems that are duct-taped together. We’re the real deal:
  • 15+ years in the business
  • Modules built in house and under one roof
  • We're committed to quality and innovation

Why does it matter?

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Other Systems

  • Multiple systems to log into
  • Requires switching systems to get obtain information
  • Multiple systems for staff to learn
  • Different reports in different places
  • Timing issues due to system sync
  • Challenges around every corner
  • Frustrated staff and patients

A complete suite of physical therapy software modules under one roof

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With 15+ years in business, we are proud to be loved by clinics across the country.

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