Physical Therapy Software for Private Practices

Does your physical therapy practice still have that new practice smell? We’re proud to have worked with many start-ups over the years. If you’re getting a new practice going, we can deliver a package that works for your new enterprise. We can offer a turnkey solution to take you from intake to payment or a smaller configuration with room to grow.

If you’re a small or solo physical therapy practice, you’ve got a lot on your plate. MWTherapy can help ease your operations saving you time, making your life easier, and increasing your profitability. Until they invent technology to clone you or add more hours to the day, we’re the next best thing!

Midsize physical therapy practices often find themselves in a tough spot where they have outgrown basic, manual systems but larger systems are too complex or costly. MWTherapy solves all of these issues and delivers an easy-to-use and easy-to-administer system that starts and stays affordable.

MWTherapy is ready to serve enterprise & large physical therapy practices with many clinicians in one or many locations. Our web-based solution will make it a cinch to manage many people and locations with comprehensive reporting and the ability to centralize many operations. Our scalable web-based tech stack is ready for your growth.


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