Physical Therapy Patient Portal Software

Patient Portal allows you to offer online registration and online scheduling. Integrates right into your existing website. Self-service 24x7

Give Patients a Way to Register Online 24/7

Give your patients a convenient way to register online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With our online intake module, your prospective patient can register anytime it’s convenient for them—morning, noon, or night. Patients can register on their own time, anytime.


Give Your Patients the Freedom to Schedule Their Own Appointments 24/7

Give your patients the flexibility to schedule their own appointments online. Following a simple process, new and existing patients can schedule their appointments easily and efficiently. Your patients will love the experience and you’ll reduce the burden on your front desk staff.

30 Minutes to a More Profitable Practice.

Live 1-on-1 Demo with One of our Experts with True, Transparent Pricing

Free Up Time at the Front Desk

Save time and money at your front desk by letting patients register themselves. Many patients would rather spend a few minutes on the computer than spend time registering with a representative. The time freed up at the front desk can be used for more revenue-generating tasks.


Go green and don’t Lose Patients to Other Practices

Save paper and compete in today’s competitive health care landscape. Don’t give up patients because a local competitor can intake a patient at all hours of the day while you can only intake patients during business hours. Referrers will enjoy working with your practice too because they can tell patients that you’re one of the most convenient practices to work with in the area!

A win-win!


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