Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program Software

Create amazing feature-rich home exercise programs to help your patients, drive HEP compliance, and improve outcomes

Rich HEP content - pictures & videos

Build a home exercise program (HEP) rapidly by selecting from a catalog of 1000’s of exercises complete with pictures and videos. Using intelligent search, you’ll be able to zero in on just what you’re looking for with ease. Patients will be wowed by the content and will feel empowered and motivated to stick with their HEP.


Drive home exercise compliance

Given the ever-increasing importance of outcomes in physical therapy, patient compliance should be a crucial factor of your programs. Providing your patients feature-rich and convenient programs will yield not only positive outcomes, but more satisfied patients as well.

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Beef up your patient experience

Patients love technology and technology creates results. MWTherapy’s home exercise program offers you the ability to create rich home exercise programs with pictures and videos for your patients. In addition, you can share those programs with your patients quickly and conveniently. It’s easy to seamlessly create programs for your patients.


Improve patient retention

Given the ever-increasing importance of outcomes in physical therapy practices, it’s more important than ever to drive patient compliance. By giving patients feature-rich programs that are convenient to them, you’ll see great outcomes and happier patients.


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