Physical Therapy Check-In Software

Allow patients to check-in for their visit online, quickly and easily. Collect update info and screening info seamlessly!

Start Every Visit Off With a Stellar Technology Experience

Our virtual check-in process makes it easy to have patients let you know they are ready for their visit, collect updated information, and to ask for any necessary screening questions. Fast and easy for patients, efficient and cost-saving for your practice.

Rocket Ship
Patients using Tablet and Kiosk

Tablet or Kiosk or Mobile
The Choice is Yours

However and wherever you want patients to check-in for their visit, our virtual check-in software will work with ease. Most patients will love the easy of just checking in from their phone (any phone!). Easy, breezy.

Reduce Paper Usage & Go Green

MWTherapy has been helping clinics reduce paperwork for years with our EMR software and its scan and upload feature. This module continues that tradition! It’s another form that you can cross off the list. Your staff and your patients will love the new experience—plus, you’ll be doing something great for the environment.

Use Less Paper

This Feature Is Part of Our Amazing All-In-One System

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