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Physical Therapy Billing Software

Bill In-House or Outsource

With MWTherapy™, you are completely in control of your billing. You can do your own billing in-house with our comprehensive built-in billing module or you can outsource your billing conveniently to one of our partner billers or one of your own choosing. No matter how you choose to bill, MWTherapy™ makes it easy to code accurately and get paid quickly.
Physical Therapy Billing Options - Bill in-house or outsource conveniently
Physical Therapy Coding and Compliance, made easy. Scrubbing ensures clean codes


MWTherapy™ has code and claim scrubbing built-in. Using our scrubber tools, you can make sure that you're coding in a compliant fashion plus tools to track if there's any over/under-billing. You deserve to get paid for your work, let MWTherapy™ help make sure you do.

Tightly integrated with EMR

No more writing your note then doing a charge sheet. MWTherapy™ tightly integrates charge entry with documentation ensuring all visits are billed and bolsters your compliance by having these two processes done together, rather than separately.
Physical Therapy Billing Software is completely integrated with EMR, documentation, and reporting
Physical Therapy Billing Module is completely built in, one system is better than two

Ready for the future

No matter what the future holds, you'll be ready for it with MWTherapy™. With our various billing options and configurations, there's something affordable and efficient for every practice whether you're just opening your doors or celebrating 20 years of service.

Track your practice's finances

Stop guessing, start knowing. MWTherapy™ features comprehensive reporting tools that keep you apprised of the financial health of your clinic. Easily get a handle on what's been billed, what needs to be billed plus how your billing and collections are progressing.
Get a grip on your practice's finances with comprehensive reporting
MWTherapy is loved across the country!
10+ years in business, proud to be loved by clinics across the country...
Testimonial - MWTherapy is loved by clients across the country
Testimonial - MWTherapy is loved by clients across the country
Testimonial - MWTherapy is loved by clients across the country
Testimonial - MWTherapy is loved by clients across the country
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