Our Approach to PT Software

Learn about the philosophy that drives our company

EMR is not your job

Your job is to treat patients not EMR. Our system is a tool for you to achieve your primary goal not to replace or overtake it.

Build good things, in-house

We want to build a rock-solid system from the ground up rather than growing our system through acquisitions or other means. Don’t get us wrong, we love integrations and support many of them but the real deal is that being a cohesive system means truly being under a single roof and being built by a single team.

Answer to our customers first

We work for our clients first and foremost, not investors. Our goal is to make clients happy and then to trust that everything else will follow.

30 Minutes to a More Profitable Practice.

Live 1-on-1 Demo with One of our Experts with True, Transparent Pricing

Innovate real features, no gimmicks

We’re not a system built on the infomercial style of product development. We want to build honest to goodness features that stand the rigorous tests of day to day practice use, not gimmicks that demo well but have no value

Compliance is something you have to do, not relish

We recognize the importance of compliance, particularly Medicare. Our goal is to build a system that drives and eases compliance tasks for your practice. Our goal is not to take every Medicare change and to use it as a fear tactic to charge you more money or bully you.

No system can replace you

Physical Therapists are highly educated and trained individuals with immense talent. We build systems to help talented people not systems to replace them. We’re proud of our offerings but recognize that your clinical judgement is better than anything we could ever create

Quality and Feedback matters

We care about quality. We take every report and feedback seriously and will do everything we can to resolve issues and to implement as much feedback as possible