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Physical Therapy Software For Start Up Practices

It's new and its yours. Let us be a part of your physical therapy practice's success with affordable tools to get you off the ground

Getting a new practice started?
Get off on the right foot with the system can help you thrive.

Cash-flow for a new practice can be a real challenge. We get it. Our system starts and stays affordable. You can pick a configuration that works for your needs whether you’re just looking for documentation or you need the full suite to go all the way from demographic to payment.

You’ve got enough to worry about – leases, referrers, how to get patients, marketing, and emptying the wastebins at the end of the night. Don’t worry about your physical therapy software. MWTherapy delivers a turn-key solution that get help you get your new practice off the ground.

Forget about IT expenses, servers, and other hassles. Grab your favorite tablet, laptop, iPad, whatever and get to work. We’ll handle the back-end and you can worry about your new practice and getting it off the ground.

Have a PRN therapist covering for you for a day, week, or month? No problem. MWTherapy offers you complete user management which means you can add user accounts when you need them and remove them for when you don’t. Pay for what you use.