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Physical Therapy Software For Midsize Practices

If your practice is hitting its stride, our software will help you keep a good thing going and reach new heights

Your practice is up and running. Things are moving and shaking. Time for a system that can keep up with your needs today...and tomorrow.

With a menu of configurations and modules to pick from, we can set you up with a system that works for your needs and your budget. Cookie cutter systems are old news. Your thriving practice needs options and to be agile and ready for whatever comes next.

MWTherapy helps you stretch that budget and maximize the value you get for your EMR dollar. Keep more money in your practice that you can use to invest in your future – marketing, staffing, locations, and more.

Forget about IT expenses, servers, and other hassles. Grab your favorite tablet, laptop, iPad, whatever and get to work. We’ll handle the back-end and you can worry about your patients and your business. Don’t let IT concerns be the reason you’re afraid to grow.

Planning on hiring now or in the future but not exactly sure where things are going? Many mid-size practices are often taking the big step of opening a second location or hiring additional staff. Take away the overhead risk that comes with a system that forces you to buy before you’re ready. Manage your staff accounts in real time with MWTherapy.

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