Physical Therapy Software For Insurance Based Practices

Physical therapy software made for insurance practices. We serve practices —large and small— all the way from intake through payment, with one complete system.

Take on insurance billing with confidence and efficiency
We have the features to serve your insurance based practice.

Our full suite of modules means that you can run your practice from one system. Forget about signing into multiple systems, dealing with integrations that lag or perform poorly, and disparate data stored on islands. Enterprise practices demand efficiency and consistency – only a single system can deliver that.

Employ MWTherapy’s multiple checks and balances to ensure that you are on track and getting paid for the visits and work you do. Millions of claims have been billed from MWTherapy so you’ll be in good (and efficient) company!

Forget about IT expenses, servers, and other hassles. Our fully web based system will instantly connect your locations making everything easier from day-to-day operations to reporting and analytics. You’ll also be able to shed HIPAA compliance concerns plus your therapists will love the flexibility to wok on the device of their choice.

MWTherapy delivers software that helps you deal with all of the nuances of insurances from patients changing insurances regularly to the challenges of secondary billing. You’ll be confident and in control of your billing with MWTherapy.