Physical Therapy Software For Cash Based Practices

Physical therapy software made for cash based practices. Track and manage your cash based practice as well as prepare superbills quickly & efficiently.

Our full suite of modules means that you can run your practice from one system. Forget about signing into multiple systems, dealing with integrations that lag or perform poorly, and disparate data stored on islands. Enterprise practices demand efficiency and consistency – only a single system can deliver that.

Some cash-based physical therapy practices like to help patients with insurance reimbursements even if the practice is being paid directly for care. With MWTherapy, you’ll have tools to make this easier, no matter how much or how little you choose to be involved with a patient’s attempt to get reimbursed.

Think you might accept some insurances in the future? No problem. MWTherapy handles all types of practice – cash, insurance, and hybrid. If and when you decide to accept insurances in the future, MWTherapy will be right there ready to serve your practice.

MWTherapy delivers fully customizable documentation. That means you can tailor your documentation templates to fit your cash based practice. You don’t need to waste time working with a cookie cutter system that is trying to fit the needs of all types of practices. Not only will you like that your documentation moves faster but it’ll be a hit if you share your notes with your patients.

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