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Physical Therapy Insurance Billing Basics

The basics of Physical Therapy Billing Most people have a good sense of what documentation and scheduling are all about. For some, billing is much more of a challenge. Start-up physical therapy practices are often unsure of exactly what is needed to bill and even seasoned practices can have trouble. …

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2020 Medicare Final Rule Released

Medicare’s 2020 Final Rule Has Been Released The 2020 CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) final rule has been released and there are definitely implications for physical therapy practices. This is a rule is hot of the presses. More details will come as the document can be reviewed. There …

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5 Technology Trends for Physical Therapy Practices

What’s new and what’s coming next The last 10 years have ushered in a host of changes in technology both for personal and business use. Physical therapy practices are benefiting from many of those changes. This blog post is dedicated to 5 trends in PT technology. Check it out and …

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5 Tech and Software Basics for your Physical Therapy Practice

Tame your physical therapy technology and software “Blargh!#!@ This thing isn’t working!” Ever hear that muttered in your PT practice? Technology is a great thing but it is very frustrating when things just aren’t working right. There are some proactive steps and decisions you can take to keep things working …

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2020 Medicare Changes for PTA & OTA Modifiers/Reimbursements

Physical Therapy Assistant/Occupational Therapy Assistant Billing Modifiers & Reimbursement – Substantial Changes Proposed for 2020 The 2020 CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) proposed rule has been released. This is the first chance that we all have to see what CMS is planning for next year. One of the …

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Setting up Wi-Fi for your physical therapy practice

Setting up Wi-Fi for your physical therapy practice is key We all know and love (and sometimes hate!) Wi-Fi. When it works well, it’s amazing. You’re cruising around your practice documenting on your EMR, creating HEPs, and doing billing – your physical therapy software is humming. When it’s not working, …

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2020 Medicare MIPS for Physical Therapy Proposed Rule Released

2020 CMS Medicare MIPS Proposed Rule Released Hot off the presses, Medicare has released its proposed rule for MIPS for physical therapy for the 2020 calendar year. Here’s a brief summary of things that are NOT changing. There are no proposed changes to: Low Volume Threshold – if a provider is …

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