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CMS Indicates Reversal of The Most Problematic 2020 PT Coding Edit Changes

Back to the future?

Just about a month into 2020, advocacy has paid off with CMS announcing that they will reverse course on new edits that were put in place on January 1, 2020. Both the American Physical Therapy Associate (APTA) and American Occupation Therapy Association (AOTA) opposed these changes as soon as they were announced. The changes were related to the ability to bill therapeutic activity and/or group therapy along with an evaluation code.

Here is how the APTA put it:

The news: APTA and its members engaged in extensive advocacy efforts to convince CMS to rethink its decision. On January 24, CMS announced that it would do away with the most problematic changes and, for the most part, return to the coding rules PTs used in 2019.

APTA (PT in Motion News)

There are still some unanswered questions about how and when this reversal will go into effect and whether or not the change will be retroactive back to January 1st when the changes originally went into effect. That will be known once more information is published.

The Bottom Line

Things are always changing so stay tune for updates as they happen.

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