How to Perform an Analysis on Competitor PT Practices

Perform PT Practice Competitive Analysis in Three Steps Doing a competitive analysis gives you valuable business insight into what rival companies are doing in their PT practice. This positions you to copy what competitors are doing right as well as capitalize on what they’re not doing. Here’s how to do …

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6 Niche Add-On PT Services That Bring in More Patients

Niche Add-On PT Services That Bring in More Patients Patients are searching for high-quality PTs who provide a suite of services specific to their needs because, let’s face it—specializing in everything can often isolate patients looking for niche services. And while there are dozens of services PTs offer at cash-based …

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Successfully Diversify Your PT Practice 101

Diversify Your PT Practice One of the biggest reasons PT practices fail is a lack of revenue diversification and ineffective patient acquisition methods. Physical therapy is a needed service, but is your practice optimized to capture the total addressable market? With a few slight adjustments, practice owners can provide more …

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Physical Therapy Marketing Advice: What Are the Pros Saying?

Get Marketing Advice When learning any new skill (or mastering one you’re already great at), checking in with professionals is usually the first stop. However, with physical therapy marketing, only a handful of PTs unlock their full outreach potential. The ones that learn how to implement targeted marketing strategies tend …

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Best Practices for Responding to Patient Reviews

Responding to Patient Reviews Reviews are a touchy subject because they can impact a PT practice’s efficiency and future business. When prospective patients see these reviews online, it can skew their opinions, good and bad. If you don’t strike the right tone of patient engagement or address the issue head-on, …

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Getting Your Patient Engagement Messaging Right

Getting Your Patient Engagement Messaging Right What if there was a way to communicate better with your patients? Most PTs do “just ok” with their patient engagement, but there’s often room for improvement. Bridging the gap between average and expert communication starts by deploying a custom strategy. If you understand …

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How to Market Your PT Practice Offline

Marketing Your PT Practice Offline The days of marketing your PT practice using billboards, newspaper ads, and person-to-person marketing are categorized as dead by many. In today’s digital society, PTs are using the internet for just about all of their marketing needs. But what if concentrating on digital ads wasn’t …

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How to Hire the Best Marketer for Your Practice

Get the Best Bang for Your Buck Finding the right marketer for your PT practice can be exhausting. Many marketing professionals have years of experience building brands for companies outside the world of healthcare. Marketing to physical therapy patients can be challenging, but the premise is the same. So, what …

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4 Affordable Ways to Market Your PT Practice

Ways to Grow for Less Cash Physical therapists looking for the most effective ways to promote their practice should look beyond expensive pay-per-click and outsourced marketing solutions. Marketing doesn’t have to bankrupt a practice. In fact, it’s an opportunity to engage with the community and educate your future patients. How …

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