The Importance of a Manual for Your Physical Therapy Practice

Physical Therapy Practice Manual or Binder Today’s physical therapy practice is very different from those of the past. Treatment is more complex, technology has more horsepower, staff have increased responsibilities and insurances have gotten immensely more complex. A manual for your physical therapy practice can and make a huge difference …

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Physical Therapy Billing Check Up – 3 things to do now

Physical Therapy Billing, simple things make a big difference Physical therapy billing continues to be a mystery for many practices. There are lots of intracicies to billing – units, 8-minute rule, compliance requirements, not over-billing, not under-billing, modifiers, and more. With that being said, there are some very simple things …

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Physical Therapy Practice Branding and Marketing Basics

Branding is how you convey your identity and your services Having a brand can seem like this incredibly difficult thing to put together but some simple and straightforward considerations will help make your practice a branding success. A successful brand will ensure that patients and referrers alike know exactly what …

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The secret to using physical therapy KPIs to manage your practice

How is your practice doing? When you first read the question – was your quick response “good”, “so-so”, “not so good”? Was your answer based on hard data or just your feeling about how things are going? You should use key performance indicators (e.g. KPIs) to track your practice. With …

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Setting Up A Physical Therapy Practice Website

Do I even need a website? Yes, you do. To get right to it, your physical therapy practice absolutely needs a website. Having a website is not optional these days. By having a website, you: Give your practice visibility on Google, Bing, and other search engines Give your practice credibility …

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