3 Ways To Measure Physical Therapist Productivity

Measuring productivity is a mix of science and art Understanding physical therapist productivity metrics can be tricky. Some practices utilize statistics like no show and cancellation rates, evaluations completed, and how much revenue each physical therapist is generating over time. But you won’t understand the real value of your physical …

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6 Small Changes to Complement Your Physical Therapy Practice Marketing Strategies

Small changes, big impact Marketing for your physical therapy practice┬áinvolves a critical balance between promoting your services while remaining professional and HIPAA compliant. Currently, there is an increasing demand for physical therapy services and new providers are still entering the market with different practice strategies every day. For this reason, …

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Making the Most of Your Physical Therapy Evaluation Time with Your Patient

Making the most of your physical therapy evaluation time with your patient Today every therapist is experiencing the demand to do more in less time. With documentation requirements, administrative burden, billing and productivity expectations the load often feels overwhelming. Perhaps the one visit that creates the most difficulty is the …

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When Does Medicare Cover Physical Therapy?

When does Medicare cover Physical Therapy? Most outpatient physical therapists are aware that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) cover physical therapy as a benefit for people with Medicare. Often the question that arises is exactly what are the requirements for patients to receive physical therapy care? This post …

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