Best Practices for Responding to Patient Reviews

Responding to Patient Reviews Reviews are a touchy subject because they can impact a PT practice’s efficiency and future business. When prospective patients see these reviews online, it can skew their opinions, good and bad. If you don’t strike the right tone of patient engagement or address the issue head-on, …

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7 Signs It’s Time to Update Your PT Billing System

It’s Time to Update Your PT Billing System PT billing systems aren’t cut from the same cloth, as outdated solutions are running rampant through the physical therapy community. In today’s digital world, patients and regulators expect practice owners to keep up with the latest diagnostic codes and every billing claim …

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Physical Therapy Practice Management in the New Normal

Where To Now? If you were to tell any physical therapist in 2019 what his or her practice would look like in the year 2021, they probably wouldn’t believe you. The PTs who navigated 2020 had to overcome numerous challenges, many with little to no guidance. So, where does that …

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4 Essential Physical Therapy Themes to Watch in 2021

2021 – Here We Go Amidst a global pandemic filled with nerve-wracking moments for practice owners, PTs, and patients alike, the physical therapy industry has experienced a shift, unlike any other. The themes to watch for 2021 include a continuation of technology, patient engagement, prioritization, and even switching up your …

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How to Manage Virtual Employees at Your PT Practice

Work from home? The work from home (WFH) economy is booming right now, and physical therapists and PT practice staff are right in the mix. With thousands of employees going virtual, practices across the nation have adjusted foundational policies and procedures to accommodate this employment shift. Whether working from home …

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Organization and Management for the Busy PT Private Practice Owner

So Much To Do, So Little Time Physical therapy is challenging, especially if you’re the one running the show. The essential skills that a busy PT private practice owner must have to survive in the industry aren’t often highlighted with any certainty. At times, running a clinic feels like juggling …

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A Guide to Patient Retention for Physical Therapists

Patient Retention Is More Important Than Ever One of the most significant issues facing physical therapists and practice owners in 2020 is patient retention. How could this be when retaining patients in any physical therapy practice is good for business and successful treatment? The truth is, physical therapists are doing …

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