8 Powerful Team Building and Motivational Strategies for Physical Therapists

Team Building and Motivational Strategies There’s no playbook with all the answers on how to motivate and bring a team together. Every employee is different and requires a unique approach. However, there are guidelines—some of which work wonders for PT practice management—that help leaders inspire confidence and sweeten relationships.  In …

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How to Consistently Run Excellent PT Staff Meetings

How to Run Productive PT Staff Meetings Mastering the art of meetings is an essential skill that department heads and PTs need to run a successful physical therapy practice. And while sharing information is the most common reason to hold meetings, it’s possible to use them as a tool to …

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Successfully Diversify Your PT Practice 101

Diversify Your PT Practice One of the biggest reasons PT practices fail is a lack of revenue diversification and ineffective patient acquisition methods. Physical therapy is a needed service, but is your practice optimized to capture the total addressable market? With a few slight adjustments, practice owners can provide more …

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Setting Up an Effective Management Structure For Your PT Practice

Setting Up an Effective Management Structure Practice management isn’t built overnight; it requires weeks, sometimes months of planning to provide everything your patients and staff need to succeed. Even then, implementation is a challenge due to the ever-changing needs of your practice and the underlying communication required. So, where do …

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Measuring Employee Performance in Your Physical Therapy Practice

Measure Employee Performance Evaluating how well a physical therapist performs on average isn’t a straightforward equation. There are two considerations to make when measuring an employee’s output: objective and subjective measurements. Each involves calculating a mix of employee behaviors and data points to determine overarching productivity. And while objective measurements …

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Creating a Financial Forecast for Your Practice 101

Creating a Financial Forecast Forecasting the future is difficult, but you don’t need a psychic to figure out what business will look like for your physical therapy practice. All you need is your previous financial statements, a general understanding of running a PT business, and some timely research that can …

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Best Practices for Responding to Patient Reviews

Responding to Patient Reviews Reviews are a touchy subject because they can impact a PT practice’s efficiency and future business. When prospective patients see these reviews online, it can skew their opinions, good and bad. If you don’t strike the right tone of patient engagement or address the issue head-on, …

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7 Signs It’s Time to Update Your PT Billing System

It’s Time to Update Your PT Billing System PT billing systems aren’t cut from the same cloth, as outdated solutions are running rampant through the physical therapy community. In today’s digital world, patients and regulators expect practice owners to keep up with the latest diagnostic codes and every billing claim …

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Physical Therapy Practice Management in the New Normal

Where To Now? If you were to tell any physical therapist in 2019 what his or her practice would look like in the year 2021, they probably wouldn’t believe you. The PTs who navigated 2020 had to overcome numerous challenges, many with little to no guidance. So, where does that …

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