6 Niche Add-On PT Services That Bring in More Patients

Niche Add-On PT Services That Bring in More Patients Patients are searching for high-quality PTs who provide a suite of services specific to their needs because, let’s face it—specializing in everything can often isolate patients looking for niche services. And while there are dozens of services PTs offer at cash-based …

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8 Ways for PTs to Maintain a Positive Work-Life Balance

How to Maintain a Positive Work-Life Balance Having the ideal work-life balance feels unattainable for many busy physical therapists. With PT burnout on the rise, it’s important to reflect and ask yourself, “Am I getting what I want from my career and personal life?” And while striving for perfection is …

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Providing a Better Patient Care Experience at Your Practice

Providing a Better Patient Care Experience at Your Practice PT patients often deal with many physical, emotional, and psychological challenges when visiting a physical therapist. And nothing is worse than crummy service, barriers to entry, and a lobby that looks like a horror film (florescent lighting, anyone?). So, how do …

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7 Tips for Leveling Up Your PT Practice Before 2022

Level Up Your PT Practice Before 2022 2020 and 2021 are some of the wildest years physical therapists have faced to date. But 2022 perhaps holds a silver lining—predictability. Looking ahead is giving physical therapists hope they’ll see some return to normalcy. And as everything comes back online, practices need …

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6 Tips on Implementing a Team Approach to Patient Care

Implement a Team Approach to Patient Care Teamwork is a fundamental pillar for success in many professions, but it tends to take a back seat in physical therapy. However, practice owners who implement a team approach to patient care often reduce their PT’s workloads, increase practice productivity, and generate better …

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How to Attract and Retain Talent in Your PT Practice

Attracting and Retaining Talent Being a physical therapist isn’t easy. Busy practice owners know that keeping staff happy and energetic with a difficult work regime can be daunting. Attracting passionate PTs who enjoy their work means practice owners can save valuable time by maximizing patient count and outcomes. If only …

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8 Powerful Team Building and Motivational Strategies for Physical Therapists

Team Building and Motivational Strategies There’s no playbook with all the answers on how to motivate and bring a team together. Every employee is different and requires a unique approach. However, there are guidelines—some of which work wonders for PT practice management—that help leaders inspire confidence and sweeten relationships.  In …

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How to Consistently Run Excellent PT Staff Meetings

How to Run Productive PT Staff Meetings Mastering the art of meetings is an essential skill that department heads and PTs need to run a successful physical therapy practice. And while sharing information is the most common reason to hold meetings, it’s possible to use them as a tool to …

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Successfully Diversify Your PT Practice 101

Diversify Your PT Practice One of the biggest reasons PT practices fail is a lack of revenue diversification and ineffective patient acquisition methods. Physical therapy is a needed service, but is your practice optimized to capture the total addressable market? With a few slight adjustments, practice owners can provide more …

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