Physical Therapy Insurance Billing Basics

The basics of Physical Therapy Billing Most people have a good sense of what documentation and scheduling are all about. For some, billing is much more of a challenge. Start-up physical therapy practices are often unsure of exactly what is needed to bill and even seasoned practices can have trouble. …

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2020 Medicare Changes for PTA & OTA Modifiers/Reimbursements

Physical Therapy Assistant/Occupational Therapy Assistant Billing Modifiers & Reimbursement – Substantial Changes Proposed for 2020 The 2020 CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) proposed rule has been released. This is the first chance that we all have to see what CMS is planning for next year. One of the …

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Physical Therapy EMR Check Up – 3 things to do now

Does your Physical Therapy EMR need a tune up? Save time.Save money.More time with patients. You’ve heard this all before. It’s the promise of physical therapy EMR. Hopefully you’re using a competent physical therapy EMR (hint, we’re a good one). A good EMR will make it easy for you to do …

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Physical Therapy Billing Check Up – 3 things to do now

Physical Therapy Billing, simple things make a big difference Physical therapy billing continues to be a mystery for many practices. There are lots of intracicies to billing – units, 8-minute rule, compliance requirements, not over-billing, not under-billing, modifiers, and more. With that being said, there are some very simple things …

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