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How does MWTherapy™ work?

MWTherapy™ is completely cloud-based

MWTherapy™ is 100% cloud-based and has been since day one. MWTherapy™ offers
Cloud-Based Physical Therapy Software, Cloud-Based Physical Therapy Software
your practice a lot of flexibility, cost-savings, and IT-efficiencies that no in-house system can match. With MWTherapy™, you'll be up and running in no time at all
No software to install No servers to buy
Unlimited workstations Work from anywhere, anytime
Free updates for life Perfect for multi-location practices
Use existing computers Offer your staff flexibility
Because MWTherapy™ is fully web-based, it's affordable for any size practice. With no upfront capital expenditure and reduced IT bills, you can invest more in your practice.

Windows®, Surface®, Mac®, iPad®, Android Tablet®
+ scheduling-on-the-go on iPhone® and Android® Phones

Whatever your preference, MWTherapy™ works to accommodate you. Write notes on your laptop or tablet, check your schedule on the go on your mobile phone. Start a note on a tablet, finish it on a computer. MWTherapy™ is your convenient practice management solution.
Windows or Mac - laptop or netbook or notebook Windows or Mac - desktop iPad or Tablet iPhone, Android, Windows phone
iPhone®/Android®, Windows® Phone
On your favorite web-browser: MWTherapy™ works in Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari

Access in the clinic, at home, or on the go...

Because MWTherapy™ is web-based, you can access it from any one of your clinic locations or from home. Start a note in one place, finish it in another! No more being tied to clinic and no more lugging around heavy charts.

What about security and HIPAA compliance?

MWTherapy™ has a very strong focus on security and privacy. MWTherapy™ is HIPAA compliant. In concert with your internal policies, your practice can achieve compliance and ensure patient privacy. We use all the industry-standard security to protect your data while in transit including Secure Socket Layers (the same security your bank and the Government use).

We'll discuss security with you during a demo and make sure you're comfortable. We work hard to protect and secure your data.

Training, Support and Backups

We have a very strong focus on reliability and support. You can rest assured that with MWTherapy™, you'll be covered and find it easy to contact us with any support questions you may have. We're here to help.

Where do you see your practice in 3-5 years?

Training is always included with every MWTherapy™ package as well as support, comprehensive data backups, and free software upgrades.
MWTherapy™ is ready for your practice's future growth. We're your partner today and tomorrow. Whether you're adding new locations or adding new staff, we're ready to help you achieve your goals. We make it easy by giving you the control, flexibility and customizability to keep up with your needs.
MWTherapy™ is loved by clinics across the country...
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