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Legal and Privacy Statement

Section 1 - Introduction
Your privacy is one of our top concerns and priorities here at MWTherapy™ by MerlinWave, Inc. The term privacy encompasses anything relating to the management and protection of your personally identifiable information. This privacy policy was written to make our users aware of our policies regarding these matters.

Section 2 - Data Collection
Our servers and the servers of our subcontractors, agents, or affiliates may be collecting IP addresses and other information to create statistics for us to provide you better service. Your data is held in the strictest privacy. Your personally identifiable data will not be rented or sold to any third parties without your consent. We may, however, aggregate data and share such data with others.

Section 3 - Use of Cookies
MerlinWave, Inc. may utilize cookies for the purposes of creating site statistics as well as logging users into our product and their personal data. Disabling cookies may cause problems in accessing your account.

Section 4 - Change of Privacy & Legal Statement
MerlinWave, Inc. may change this privacy statement from time to time. Check back for changes. You can easily tell when there is a change by checking at the bottom left of this document to see the "Effective Date."

Section 5 - Disclaimer
We are not responsible for any damage incurred to you personally or to any of your property as a result of visiting our sites (including but not limited to, In addition, we offer no warranty for visiting this site either explicitly or implied.

We are also not responsible for any typographical errors in our website that may cause you or any of your property damage. 

Section 6 - Trademarks and Copyrights and Patents
Our entire site including but not limited to content, design, and all the literal words are Copyrighted © by MerlinWave, Inc. 2004-2018.  All rights reserved.

In addition, we have trademarked a variety of terms including: "MWTherapy™". Any portion of our site may be protected by patents or patent pending status as registered with the United States Patent Trade Office at any time.

Pages may not be copied, reproduced, or distributed in any way, shape, or form without expressed written consent from MerlinWave, Inc.

All other trademarks (typically indicated by the ™ or ®) are all owned by their respective owners.

Effective date:
Effective Date: 1/1/18
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