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Easy To Use Physical Therapy Software

Ease-of-use is paramount

MWTherapy™ is designed to be extremely easy-to-use, whether you're a technology guru or find technology to be overwhelming from time-to-time. Designed specifically for therapy based clinics, our software is designed to make your daily tasks easy to find and easy to complete. Complexity for the sake of complexity is out, ease-of-use is in!
Intuitive Easy-to-understand
Flexible, works with you Customization fits your needs, not ours

Shouldn't clinicians define software...not the other way around?

Shouldn't the software you use be customizable to your needs? You are the customer, after all. Our state-the-art TrueCustom™ technology allows us to customize documentation to your needs. Don't get stuck using a system that's been designed for you...and the thousands of other clinics out there. You know your practice and we'll work with you to fit MWTherapy™ to your needs.

Constant feedback means constant improvement

Why is MWTherapy™ so easy to use? We've been working with clinics like yours for years and we've never stopped listening. Feedback is extremely important to us and we work hard to make the changes clinics need to make everyday tasks easier, faster, and simpler.

Experience matters

MWTherapy™ has been battle-tested against many types of clinics, large and small. Through improvements small and large over the years, we've worked hard to constantly improve MWTherapy™ and its ease-of-use. Let our experience work for you!
MWTherapy™ is loved by clinics across the country...
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