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MWTherapy™ Customization

Is your practice the same as everyone else's?

The truth is your practice isn't like any other practice, even the one that's just down the street, and there's no reason it should be. As a practice owner, you've spent countless hours building your practice, your niche, your specialties, and your operations. Integrated into our Physical Therapy software is TrueCustom™. TrueCustom™ is a feature set that allows you to preserve all of that hard work and your practice identity.
Custom Evaluations Custom SOAPs
Custom Flowsheets Custom Progress Notes
Custom Daily Notes Customize Schedule

Customization from the ground-up

MWTherapy™ is cloud-based Physical Therapy software that has been designed from the ground up to be customizable. From day one, we've recognized the importance of allowing practices the freedom to be themselves. Most of our competitors offer cookie-cutter documentation templates. MWTherapy™ offers you TrueCustom™ giving you serious control over your documentation templates.

Customization for any size practice

The magic of MWTherapy™ is that its customizable templates aren't reserved only for the largest practices. Our team will work with you fit the system to your style and operations like a glove. And we'll do it today AND tomorrow. MWTherapy's™ Physical Therapy Software Customization helps you prepare for it. No one can predict the future. After all, if you're paying for a system, shouldn't it work for you?

We think it should and we're committed to customization today and tomorrow.

More than just customizable templates

Customization doesn't end with just documentation templates, MWTherapy™ offers many other ways and settings that you and your staff can make it yours. Almost every part of MWTherapy™ Physical Therapy software offers customization. You'll be amazed at how important customization can be for your practice today but also for whatever may come down the road in the future. Don't get stuck with a system that makes you change. We love your practice just the way it is!
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