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Ever dream about managing your entire practice with one system – scheduling, billing, documentation, email reminders, faxing, reporting and more? MWTherapy™ is built from the ground up for Physical Therapy practices, MWTherapy™ features all the modules you want and need to run your practice from start to finish. We separate our features into key modules. Working with our team, we can customize a configuration of modules that works for your practice and you always have the flexibility to add modules down the road!
  Key Features

Web-Based Physical Therapy Scheduling Software Scheduling

+ auto email/text patient reminders
+ fully integrated
+ track authorizations and approvals
+ color coding and visual cues
+ easy scheduling for multi-locations
+ integrated wait-list

Web-Based Physical Therapy Documentation, Web-based Physical Therapy EMR EMR/Doc

+ built-in e-fax
+ forms built by PTs for PTs
+ customizable templates/forms
+ compliance warnings
+ easy PQRS
+ easy Functional Limitation Reporting
+ scan/upload, go paperless

Web-Based Physical Therapy Billing Software Billing

+ bill in-house or outsource
+ track balances
+ claim/code scrubbing
+ compliance tools
+ patient accounting
+ track billables, claims, receivables

Web-Based Physical Therapy Reporting, Web-Based Physical Therapy Practice Management Reporting

+ comprehensive
+ track productivity
+ track compliance
+ track patient sources
+ track authorizations and approvals
+ find patients easily
+ drive marketing
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